Express Distributors Inc. is a company which offers world-class logistical solutions. Created in 1978 as a subsidiary of Grupo Motta, it stands out today for is personalized service and adaptability to meet all of its clients’ needs.

Its service, which is characterized by personalized attention completely committed to the client, provides an even greater benefit considering its privileged geographical position in Panama, and the ease of carrying out business in the Colon Free Zone, where its headquarters are located.

The long tradition of integrity, honesty, and commitment - all characteristics of every one of the Grupo Motta companies founded and led by Mr. Alberto Motta for over 50 years - has made the client portfolio of the company grow significantly.

Besides having first-world infrastructure, equipment and technology, Express Distributors Inc. also has a well trained team of people and a fast-acting management team capable of facing any challenge in the future.